Who’s Who at (MS) 2

Staff Title Email
Abbott, Olivia Reading Teacher olivia.abbott@hu-ms2.org
Bailey, Karla 6th Grade SPED Teacher karla.bailey@hu-ms2.org
Baiza, Osmin Spanish Teacher osmin.baiza@hu-ms2.org
Barteau, Benjamin 7th Grade SPED Teacher benjamin.barteau@hu-ms2.org
Boler, Leslie Director of Human Resources/Facilities leslie@hu-ms2.org
Brown, Ebony 6th Grade ELA/Team Lead ebony.brown@hu-ms2.org
Burton, Troy Counselor troy.burton@hu-ms2.org
Caviness, Siri 7th SPED Teacher siri.caviness@hu-ms2.org
Collins, Robena Mathematics Instructional Coach robena.collins@hu-ms2.org
Donaldson, Jean Nurse jean.donaldson@hu-ms2.org
Drabo, Leon 8th Grade Science Teacher leon.drabo@hu-ms2.org
Edmonds, Tiffany Executive Assistant to Head of School tiffany.edmonds@hu-ms2.org
Fairclough, Jacqueline Cafeteria Manager jackie.fairclough@hu-ms2.org
Fuqua, Marcellina Social Worker marcellina.fuqua@hu-ms2.org
George, Abimbola 8th Grade Assisstant Dean of Culture abimbola.george@hu-ms2.org
Gibbs, Danee STEM Teacher danee.gibbs@hu-ms2.org
Goodwin, Christopher 6th Grade Associate Dean of Culture christopher.goodwin@hu-ms2.org
Hampton, Elizabeth Reading Teacher elizabeth.hampton@hu-ms2.org
Harder, Alfreda 8th Grade Math alfreda.harder@hu-ms2.org
Hardy, Brooke Communications Coordinator brooke.hardy@hu-ms2.org
Hatcher, Darius 8th Grade Math (RTI) darius.hatcher@hu-ms2.org
Houston, Corbet Assistant Principal corbet.houston@hu-ms2.org
Hunt, Yashonti 7th Grade Math (RTI) yashonti.hunt@hu-ms2.org
Jamison, Clarke Registrar clarke.jamison@hu-ms2.org
Jones, Christina 8th Grade Social Studies christina.jones@hu-ms2.org
Jones, Yevrah Cafeteria Monitor yevrah.jones@hu-s2.org
Jordan Jr., Michael 7th Grade ELA michael.jordan@hu-ms2.org
Lockhart, Gary 6th Grade Social Studies gary.lockhart@hu-ms2.org
Metts, Natasha Director of Strategy & Logistics natasha@hu-ms2.org
Metts, Stephanie Student Support (Cafeteria) stephanie.metts@hu-ms2.org
Newton, Joyce Assistant Dean of Culture
Neba, Karl IT
Noel, Patrick 7th Grade SPED Teacher patrick.noel@hu-ms2.org
Pennington, Tasha 7th Grade Science tasha.pennington@hu-ms2.org
Perry, Linice 7th Grade Math/Team Lead linice.perry@hu-ms2.org
Poole, Shaunique Special Education Coordinator shaunique.poole@hu-ms2.org
Procope, Kathryn Head of School kprocope@hu-ms2.org
Razor, Christopher Assistant Dean of Culture christopher.razor@hu-ms2.org
Reaves, Racquel 8th Grade ELA/Team Lead racquel.reaves@hu-ms2.org
Robinson, Talia ELA Instructional Coach talia.robinson@hu-ms2.org
Samarakon, Samith IT Coordinator samith.samarakon@hu-ms2.org
Sanders, Janay 6th Grade Science janay.sanders@hu-ms2.org
Sherman, Kevin Student Specialist kevin.sherman@hu-ms2.org
Smith, Vineshia PE Teacher vineshia.smith@hu-ms2.org
Thomas, Michael Student Aide michael.thomas@hu-ms2.org
Vason, Lee Dean of Culture lvason@hu-ms2.org
Walker, Bishop 7th Grade Social Studies bishop.walker@hu-ms2.org
Washington, Che’ 8th Grade Counselor che.washington@hu-ms2.org
Wills, David Assistant Dean of Culture david.wills@hu-ms2.org
Wilson, Jawana 6th Grade SPED jawana.wilson@hu-ms2.org