17 Dec 2016

Yesterday’s Gamers are Today’s Engaged Learners

Head of School, Kathryn Procope, is the guest blogger for the National Association of Secondary School Principals ( NASSP). After being named the State Principal of the year for Washington D.C. Mrs. Procope had the pleasure of meeting with 50 other principals from around the country to discuss learning and development techniques. This blog submission hones in on Procope’s  particular area of expertise, gaming and learning. Click here to read the full article.

“Whether it’s Madden NFL 17 and Call of Duty or Candy Crush and Words with Friends, both kids and adults today are spending countless hours playing video games. This time is generally regarded as unproductive or, worse yet, detrimental to one’s well-being. 

But while it may seem that video games are nothing more than escapist fun, recent research suggests that video game use can have positive effects on learning and comprehension. Instead of hindering student performance, digital video game technologies show potential to improve student engagement, achievement, and mastery of content.

A recent Pew research study revealed that 97 percent of teenagers play some type of video game at least once a day. That is a huge statistic. As educational leaders work to create the ultimate 21st-century classroom, the utilization of digital game-based technologies cannot be ignored. My experience suggests that digital game-based learning can be a viable method to engage and motivate students.”Read More

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