One World Ambassador Challenge Winners

2018 One World Ambassador Challenge Winners

Nia Turner and Charles Eze were first place winners in the One World Ambassador Challenge. Nia’s topic was how to combat homelessness in the District of Columbia. Charles discussed solutions for providing free college tuition and tuition loan forgiveness to students and adults. Both students gave oral presentations in front of peers, education and industry professionals from across the city, where they cited statistical evidence to support their arguments. Both students won monetary awards and will receive iPads and MacBooks from the One World Education Program.  Read more about One World Education at


2018 DC STEM Award Winners

(MS)2 students were honored at the DC STEM Fair this year. Destiny Jackson (8th Grade) won 3rd place the Behavioral Sciences category. Shane Clements and Joshua McCoy (6th Grade) won 1st Place in the Chemical Energy Category. Corey Lawrence (7th Grade) wone a special award from the Clean Air Partners which included a monetary prize and a summer internship. Congratulations to our future scientists.


Cornell University Center for Materials Research Partners with (MS)2

(MS)2 Students and graduate students from Cornell University investigated chemical reactions. Students learn how a chemical reaction occurs and learned about chemical bonding. Liquid nitrogen was used in the experiments and (MS)2 students got to make their own ice cream.


(MS)2 Students participate in a study at the HU School of Chemistry

6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students completed water desalination experiments using soda, guided by the scientist at the Howard University School of Chemistry. Under the guidance of students from the School of Chemistry, (MS)2 students learned about the importance of the desalination process to areas of the world where water is scarce. Students learned about the scientific process from college students and were able to participate in college-level experiments.

Hechinger Report


Personalized Learning Leads to Equity in Education

Tara Garcia Mathewson, staffer writer at The Hechinger Report  visited our school and spoke with students about their experiences with personalized learning. She wrote a story about personalized learning with an equity focus. She explored the the student/teacher co-design happening at our school , and she connected  with some of the students involved in our school redesign and she talked to them  about the experience and their ideas.

Accenture Partners with (MS)2 on the Hour of Code

Accenture worked with the (MS)2 6th-grade students during this year’s Hour of  Code. Students learned about careers that require coding skills, different coding languages, and coding techniques. Students used Scratch and learned the ins and outs of coding with Python. The (MS)2 6th-grade students had great questions for the Accenture professionals about the types of careers are available in the field of technology.


(MS)2 Students Support Henley Elementary School Standing against Gun Violence

 The (MS)2 7th-graders took a stand against the gun violence that happens regularly outside of Henley Elementary School in Southeast Washington DC. Students wrote letters to the Mayor, council people and the Metropolitan Chief of Police demanding action to protect the young students at Henley. A meeting with the (MS)2 students and the Henley students was held at Henley where students discussed their concerns about gun violence in their communities.


(MS)2 Scholars Rock at First Lego League Competition

(MS)2 scholars had fun pitting their robot against other teams at the First Lego League Competition held at Friendship Collegiate Academy. The team worked together to take their robot through the obstacle course. The team won an Honorable mention for their efforts.



(MS)2 Students Enjoy Showing of the Black Panther

8th Grade students were treated to a showing of the Black Panther courtesy of CEO Marvin Cole of the Cole Group LLC. Students enjoyed the connections to our community as well as the technology in the movie. Wakanda Forever!