Our Commitment to our Teachers

Our teachers are subject experts who either specialize in Humanities or STEM. Content specialization allows teachers to develop much deeper expertise in their subject matter and creates a collaborative teacher team as they develop lesson plans alongside other talented teachers. Additionally, every school is supported by school leaders who provide instructional frameworks, professional development, and real time coaching for teachers in their classroom every single week. Just as our teachers invest their time and energy in the progress of their scholars, we invest our time and energy in the progress of our teachers. Join Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science where we always…
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Our Commitment to our School

(MS)2 teachers are deeply committed to doing and being their best, and growing their skills as professionals and as individuals, so our daily and annual expectations reflect that commitment.

  • Attend all professional development meetings and opportunities that may exceed the regular school day hours of 7:30a-4:00p
  • Urgently and courageously take actions in the best interest of our scholars, even if they may be new or unfamiliar.
  • Meets all professional obligations and proactively communicates when changes come up.
  • Exhibits a high level of honest and humble self-reflection owning good and bad outcomes.
  • Effectively responds to and implements constructive feedback.
  • Communicates effectively with colleagues and contributes to positive staff culture.

Our Commitment to our Scholars

(MS)2 teachers succeed with all scholars and families through frequent communication, building trusting relationships and embracing the knowledge parents have as their child’s first teacher.

  • Build authentic relationships with families beginning with face to face visits that form the foundation for frequent ongoing communications to support scholar success.
  • Engage with families on academic and behavioral goals and transparently share scholar progress so that both parents and teachers own each scholar’s successes and challenges.
  • Partner with parents to find the best solutions for both their scholar and their family.

Our Commitment to Family

(MS)2‘s collaborative learning environment reaches well beyond the four walls of the classroom. We are deeply committed to parent engagement. Teachers new to our school are often amazed by how deeply our parents are engaged in their school’s community. Annual teacher home visits, monthly Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, and a parent volunteer network to create solid relationships, a rich school culture and a devoted community that propels student achievement.

Key Responsibilities

(MS)2‘s teachers are deeply committed to the success of each scholar. The daily workload reflects that commitment. Here are a few key expectations.

  • Build a classroom culture of excellence and deliver rigorous instruction by building content expertise in a STEM based curriculum that is captured in units of study and daily plans.
  • Engage in cycles of data driven instruction to inform planning  and personalize instruction scholar needs.
  • Collaborate with special education staff so scholars identified as needing extra support are meaningfully included.