The Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science E=(MS)2

Summer here at (MS)2 is just as busy and productive as our school year. We take pride in engaging our student base in many different ways to avoid the “summer slump”. Below you’ll find our summer program listing and in depth descriptions of each program.  We look forward to seeing you all this summer!

Summer School

The (MS)2 Summer School is mandatory academic support for students who earned a D or F in a core course during the school year. During the four weeks, students receive targeted instruction to help with mastering standards that were unmet during the academic school year. Summer Academy is taught by (MS)2 teachers and interns from the Howard University School of Education.

6/26-7/21, 9:00am-12:30pm

Summer Enrichment

(MS)2 students who do not have to attend Summer School are invited to participate in activity-based STEM projects to further develop their 21st century skills, including critical thinking and problem solving.


6/26-7/21, 9:00am-12:30pm

Summer Bridge

Incoming students are REQUIRED to attend two weeks of summer enrichment. The goal of this program is to acclimate students to middle school. Students learn about the expectations of an (MS)2 scholar and develop the habits that are necessary for them to be successful. This is also an opportunity to utilize our extensive STEM technology.

7/10-7/21, 9:00am-1:00pm

Summer Camp

Students are invited to participate in one of our afternoon summer intensive programs to gain hands-on experience in STEM and/or the Arts.



6/26 – 7/21, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Creative Expression Through Technology

STEM Innovators Camp

Studio Me Music Production Camp

Swim Fit Camp*

This program will combine the arts with technology by allowing student to engage in web design as well as create electronic content in the forms of poetry, prose and photography.

Students will dive into STEM by completing weekly projects related to different STEM concentrations. Including but not limited to, environmental science, mechanical & computer engineering and mathematics.

This is an interactive experience the invites students to develop their musical and/or writing gift through listening, learning and performing individually as well as with others in music to ultimately create their own album.

This camp will reinforce the science of fitness primarily through water based activities at Howard University’s pool.

* This program is under construction pending Howard University approval.

Before & After Care

Before and after care are available for $20 per day ($100/week) for parents who need to drop off or pick up their child outside of the regular Summer Academy program hours (8:30am- 4:30pm)

Daily Schedule




Before Care ($)
Summer School/Enrichment/Bridge
Sumer Camp($)
After Care($)

Summer School/Enrichment/Bridge
Before Care
After Care
Summer Camp


Before Care + Summer Camp + After Care (All Day)= $250/wk


1. There are a limited number of spaces available for each club. Registration will remain open until all spaces are filled.
2. Only current and incoming (MS)2 students are eligible to participate in the (MS)2 Summer Academy Program
3. The first payment is due Monday, June 19. Every subsequent payment will be due one week in advance.