(MS)2 Guiding Principles
The Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science (MS)² is a premier charter school that serves the advanced educational needs of scholars. The school provides a preparatory curriculum that emphasizes a balanced mix of academics in all subjects with a concentration in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Educators seek to develop scholars’ strengths, interests and values in an educational environment preparing them to not only reach academic goals but to also become a successful professional in a STEM-related field.
Scholars are provided the resources and guidance to think critically and abstractly, push boundaries and are given many opportunities for academic risk taking and exploration.

Our STEM Curriculum
(MS)² offers a challenging academic program for middle school scholars in an intellectual, social, supportive and nurturing environment for the growth of each scholar. Our curriculum highlights a balance of academics in all subject areas with an emphasis on mathematics, science and technology. This schedule prepares scholars to apply critical thinking skills and be successful with technology in the 21st Century.
All (MS)² scholars are provided an opportunity to take Spanish, Computer Skills, Physical Education and Health, Aeronautical Engineering, Life and Contributions to STEM

Core Coursework at (MS)2

6th Grade                                                                   7th Grade                                                    8th Grade

Pre-Algebra                                                 Algebra 1A or Algebra                                           Algebra 1B or Geometry

English/Language Arts 6                           English /Language Arts 7                                      English/Language Arts 8

Earth and Space Science                          Life Science                                                             Biology/Biotechnology

World Cultures and Geography              Ancient World History and Geography              US History and Geography

STEM Literacy                                             STEM Literacy                                                         STEM Literacy

( STEM Literacy concentrates on reading and writing with a STEM focus)

All (MS)2 scholars have an opportunity to take Spanish 1, Physical Education and Health, General Music, Music Appreciation, Digital Music, Life with STEM, Contributions to STEM, Environmental Concerns with STEM, Computer Skills

Microsoft IT Academy

(MS)2 is the only middle school in the Washington DC that is a  Microsoft IT Academy. This is a program that provides technology courses leading to Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications, including certifications in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Designed to provide participants with college and career ready skills, the program gives schools access to an evolving online technology curriculum that includes lesson plans, student projects, and industry certified assessments. As part of the program, schools become Microsoft IT Academy members, enabling program participants, teachers, and others in the school community to access online instruction in and outside of the classroom and to take certification exams onsite. In addition, the program includes intensive managerial support to ensure fidelity to the IT Academy model. This program is sponsored by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).