28 Nov 2015

Cornell University Visits (MS)2

The Cornell Center for Materials Research, a partnership with Cornell University and the National Science Foundation, led by Mark Walsh, traveled to (MS)2 to collaborate with our science teachers and teach our students about the states of matter while observing the temperature at which water, liquid nitrogen, and other objects freeze. Through our partnership with the College of Chemistry at Howard University, liquid nitrogen was provided and students examined its effects on flowers, a banana, and they made ice cream. (MS)2 students learned about temperatures at which various elements freeze and the effects of stabilizers on the foods that they eat. The lesson objectives included analysis, inquiry, design and interdisciplinary problem solving. The (MS)2 science team, Ms. Hardeen, Ms. Bing-Cotton, and Ms. Pratt worked with our students as they put the scientific method to work and made a delicious treat. (MS)2 extends our thanks to Mark Walsh and Cornell University for continuing this great partnership.

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