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13th Annual 8th Grade Promotion

As we continue to persevere through the Coronavirus pandemic, we are dedicated to providing a positive experience for our parents and scholars and their families. While we are not able to connect in-person, it is important to us that we provide the best virtual experiences possible for our families. Providing a positive experience includes honoring our scholars for their hard work and dedication, encouraging and uplifting them and most of all celebrating their wins.

We are pleased and honored to announce that on Friday, June, 2020, Howard University Middle School of Mathematics & Science will host their 13th Annual 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony and the 1st virtual promotion ceremony in the history of our school. While we cannot gather to share in the joy and victory of students, please join us live at www.hu-ms2.org/promotion at 10 am sharp on Friday, June 5. We are so excited to celebrate with our 8th grade families! Be sure to post your pictures and videos of your promotion celebration using the hashtag, #HUMSPromotion.

To the parents of our 8th grade scholars, promotion pictures will be distributed via email on Monday, June 8, 2020.

To our scholars, CONGRATULATIONS! You are now moving on to high school, which is a stepping stone towards your future. Take advantage of every positive opportunity you receive. You are destined for greatness because you continue to choose the extraordinary! Your HUMS family LOVES YOU!